“Cullinane College will provide the best academic education for both boys and girls in a friendly environment where personal excellence and pride are promoted.  Cullinane College students learn in classrooms where the best of traditional teaching practices are enhanced by modern pedagogy.  Our students leave Cullinane College seeking their place in the world with the skills and qualifications to succeed.”  Mr Justin Harper MEdL (Hons), Principal

Our School
The school has a clear commitment to academic excellence.  Our highly qualified staff believe in the power of relationships.  As such they work closely with all of our students.  Our students are known by name and our teachers know individually what ways to support them in their learning.  Communication with home is a vital component of education here at Cullinane College our staff work closely with our parent community.
Academic Challenge.  Our school curriculum is focused upon high standards of professional teaching.  We aim towards personal excellence for each student.  Our teachers strive to understand the unique needs of each student and deliver learning which will encourage all students towards their full potential.  Cullinane College students learn in classrooms with smaller class sizes therefore gaining the advantage of better access to the teachers.
Cullinane Initiatives
Gifted and Talented Education.  Students across various curriculum are targeted for acceleration and enriched learning opportunities.  We understand that gifted students not challenged academically are a lost opportunity.
Homework Club.  For many students an extra amount of learning time is invaluable.  Here at Cullinane College we have teachers provide additional learning support with homework club based out of the school library four nights a week.  Tuition and mentoring opportunities are available during this time.
Learning Support Hub.  Cullinane College has invested in providing specialist support for students who have been identified as requiring additional assistance.  The college employs many teacher aides who work within the classrooms across a variety of curriculum.
Student Leadership.  The school recognises the importance of peer role modeling.  As such the college has developed leadership models both vertically (seniors with juniors) but also horizontally (within year levels).  Our medium school size results in significant numbers of our students stepping into opportunities to develop their skills.
Various Pathways.  Employment in New Zealand has changed and modern graduates require a wide skill set.  Cullinane College has relationships with various tertiary organisations to provide our students access to university papers, polytechnic courses and work place opportunities.