Subject Selections

Junior School

Student enter Cullinane College at Year Nine.  In their first year at the college they have compulsory subjects and rotations of options.  The options are over a third of a year across two lines (meaning they have six options they choose).

Compulsory Subjects Optional Subjects
English Art                        Digital Tech
Mathematics Robotics               Workshop Tech
Science Cooking                Spanish
Social Studies Music                    Japanese
Health & Physical Education Dance                   Drama
Religious Education Te Reo                  Kapa Haka

Mrs Cox is our Assistant Principal

Senior Subjects

At Cullinane College our seniors have six subjects each of four hours per week.  

Our students work through the National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA Qualification).  Cullinane College boasts of a long tradition of success in NCEA.  

Last year our pass rates were…

Year 11 (NCEA L1) – 89.1%

Year 12 (NCEA L2) – 95.0%

Year 13 (NCEA L3) – 89.1%

Each student is independently tracked through the year as they pursuit their overall qualification.  Our mentoring and monitoring contributes greatly to our success rate.