To meet the needs of all students, no matter what their ability in sport.

At Cullinane College we encourage participation, so students can explore, perform and excel in their chosen sport at a local, regional, national and international level.

Sport continues to be a busy area and major part of school life in the College. Over the summer, Rowing, Touch, Equestrian, Cricket, Waka Ama, Ki o Rahi, Volleyball and Athletics have enabled many students to express their talents and develop their skills.

In winter Netball, Basketball, Rugby, Hockey, Badminton and Football all provide opportunities for students to learn self-discipline and enjoy healthy competition. Every year a number of students in the College are awarded academic blues for representing their country at sport and in the Administration area we have a wall of honor for our New Zealand representatives.


Please note fees are based on what we are charged from sporting organizations. As a school we do not make a profit from fees. The fees shown below were charged for 2018, but are subject to change should the fee from the organisation decrease or increase.

Recreational / Non- traditional sports offered:

Motor Cross, Archery, Triathlon, Futsal, Lawn Bowls, Mountain Biking and Golf.

Rugby League is offered every year; however, we have not had sufficient numbers to enter a team.

Regional and National Tournaments:

Sevens, Ki-O-Rahi, Touch, Waka ama, Basketball, Netball, Rowing.

All venues and costs vary from year to year.

Starts: Term 1
Details: There are many opportunities for students to compete in Athletics throughout the year including; The Cullinane College Athletics day, Viard Shield and the Wanganui Secondary Schools Athletics. All of these are held during Term 1.
Venue: Varies
Cost: Varies

Starts: Term 3
Playing Day: Friday
Time: Round 1: 3.35-4.15pm. Round 2: 4.20-5.00pm.
Cost: $15 per player for the season
Games: Each team of 2-4 players plays two doubles and two singles games per match.
Venue: Wanganui High School
Uniform: Cullinane College sports or summer uniform top, navy or black shorts or track pants, sports shoes. NO denim shorts.
Transport: Cullinane College will transport students whose games start at 3:35. Other players make their own way to WHS. All students are responsible for their own transport home.
Practice: Practice will be held each Monday 3:15pm in the school gymnasium.
Teacher-In-Charge: Mrs Beryl Davis –

Students need to be prepared to score games either before or after their own. The draw will be posted on the sports noticeboard at school and on the windows of room 30. Students should check each week when their games are.

Players must be prepared to attend all games. If this is not your intention, please do not commit to playing this sport. Remember that if you choose not to attend, you are letting your team mates and school down.

It is understood that for various reasons, students may need to miss the occasional game. Apologies MUST be made to Mrs Davis well BEFORE the game, and a replacement player found if at all possible.

Starts: Term 2
Playing Day: Friday Night
Venue: Springvale Stadium
Cost: $50.00
Teacher-In-Charge: Te Mana Kaua

Played Saturday, Terms 1 & 4. Home and away venues.

Training is after school – days determined by the coach.

Cost: Free


Girls Cricket is a developing sport at Cullinane College. Last season, we had a very strong team that came second in the Wanganui Region. We also had a Junior Girls’ team in the Wanganui competition that competed at the end of Term 4 in 2014 that won the local championship.

No experience is necessary to start playing, just a good attitude to learn the sport as well as a willingness to participate. Practices take place twice a week during break times at school with most games being Wednesday after school.

The girls’ uniform is a sky blue top provided by the school for the season and white shorts/longs that the students provide. If they don’t have white shorts/longs, the school can provide these.  All cricket gear is provided for practices and games.


Cost: Free

Teacher in charge: Mr Ivan Syme

Cross Country
Starts: Term 2
Competition Day: Dependent on organisers
Venue: Varies
Cost: Free
Teacher-In-Charge: Te Mana Kaua

Please note: students who come within the top 3 in their age group in the Cullinane school cross country are selected to compete at the Inter-Schools Cross Country Event

Starts: Term 2
Venue: Nga Tawa
Cost: $30.00 per rider.
$10.00 for covered stable.
Teacher-In-Charge: Ginni Duxfield
Starts: Term 2
Playing Day: Saturday
Venue: Wembley Park
Cost: $55.00
Teacher-In-Charge: Simon Petersen
Starts: Term 2
Playing Day: Thursday and Friday.
Venue: Gonville turf or Collegiate School
Cost: $90.00
Teacher in Charge: Blair Adams
Starts: Term 2
Playing Day: Premier – Monday night.
All other grades – Saturday.
Venue: Premier – Springvale Stadium.
All other grades – Wanganui Netball Courts, 98 Peat Street.
Uniform: All teams have a uniform supplied to them.
Cost: Premier – $140.00.
All other grades – $100.00.
Teacher-In-Charge: Renee Nyman

Grades are Juniors, Seniors, Premiere. Senior and Junior trials will be held at the end of Term 1 at the school courts.

Practice times depend on the coach but are usually after school.

Starts: Term 1
Venue: Union Boat Club
Cost: National Competition cost varies from year to year.
Teacher-In-Charge: Mr Darryl Daignault

Wanganui is fortunate to have an excellent facility for all year round rowing. We have a partnership with the Union Boat Club through which our students take part in Club regattas and train throughout the year. Training varies but is always on Sunday mornings and three or four evenings per week in summer, less in winter.

A sub which students pay to the Union club covers equipment use and some regatta entries. All students are expected to take part in Club regattas and will represent the College at the North Island and Maadi Cup events. The season starts in October and ends in March/April after the Maadi Cup.


Trials are at the end of Term 1 for the 1st XV and the Under 15 team. Competition starts in Term 2 and composes of both home and away games.

Most year 9 students who are interested in rugby play for the schools junior team in Division 4, which is a Year 9 division. All players who want to play will be put into a team.

Please note that Wanganui RFU rules state that students are not permitted to play for a club team unless permission is granted by the Principal.

Trainings will be after school twice a week.

Games are played on Saturday mornings.

The school supplies the jersey and students will have to buy shorts and socks


The Junior Rugby team play in the local Wanganui Rugby competition. This grade is for boys that are under the age of 15 as of the 1st of January. Games occur after school on Wednesdays at 3:45pm with two full rounds of competition then a finals series. Practices are twice a week after school on Monday and Thursday from 3:30pm – 4:45pm.

The uniform is a blue navy jersey and socks which are provided by the school for the season. Students need to have blue navy shorts, mouth guard and boots. No experience is needed to play just a willingness to work hard and co-operate with others for the benefit of the team.

Cost: Boys $90.00, Girls $78.00 (incl fees, travel, washing costs)

Teacher in charge boys: Daniel Oosthuizien

Teacher in charge girls: Ivan Syme

Swimming and Life Saving
Starts: Term 1
Playing Day: Dependent on organisers (Sport Wanganui)
Cost: $10.00
Venue: Wanganui Splash Centre
Teacher-In-Charge: Te Mana Kaua
Starts: Terms 1 & 4
Playing Day: Monday
Cost: $15.00
Venue: Wanganui High School
Teacher-In-Charge: Te Mana Kaua
Touch Rugby
Starts: Terms 1 & 4
Playing Day: Tuesday
Cost: $20.00 per player for the season
Venue: Springvale Park
Teacher-In-Charge: Te Mana Kaua
Starts: Terms 1 & 4
Playing Day: Wednesday Nights
Venue: Jubilee Stadium
Grades: Social and Competitive
Practice Times: Dependant on coach
Uniform: All teams have a top supplied. Students must supply black shorts
Cost: $20.00
Teacher-In-Charge: Leif Johansson