YEAR 11 Prizes
Perry Trophy for Excellence in Year 11 Music  – Rico Ahleong

Year 11 Technology Shield; Year 11 Numeracy first in class certificate  – Chris Dowdle

Year 11 Spanish Shield; Mrs ME Smith Trophy for Year 11 Diligence  – Korrie Fletcher

Year 11 History Shield  – Amber Hammond-Mars

Year 11 Aotea Trust Trophy for Art; Year 11 Geography Shield  – Maia Kaua

Year 11 Maori Shield  – Mekylah Kumar

Virginia Hillgrove Trophy for Year 11 Accounting; Year 11 English Shield; Power Cup for Diligence in Year 11 Mathematics; Year 11 Religious Studies Shield; Year 11 Sports Science Shield; Year 11 Academic Award for Top Overall in Year Group  – Aigalelei Leo

Year 11 Maori Performing Arts Certificate – Manaia Mason

The Jenkins Trophy for First in Year 11 Internal Science  – Te Ao Marama Mason

Year 11 Flair in Commerce Trophy  – Ethan Partridge

Year 11 Digital Technology Shield; Year 11 Economics Shield; Year 11 Mathematics Shield; Year 11 Academic Award for Top Overall in Year Group  – Jordan Solomona

Year 11 Food and Nutrition Certificate  – Kea Wilson

Year 12 Prizes
UCOL Certificate for Automotive – Levi Check

Year 12 Painting Certificate – Karina Chuen

Year 12 English Shield; Year 12 Probability and Statistics first in class certificate; Year 12 Chemistry Shield; Year 12 Physics Shield; Year 12 Academic Award for Top Overall in Year Group  – Cameron Daignault

Year 12 Sports Science Shield  – Neve Duxfield

Year 12 Tourism Shield  – Liberty Field

Performing Arts Drama Trophy  – Caleb Findlay

Year 12 Technology Shield  – Zakisha Kemp

Chrisley Cup for Year 12 Biology  – Caitlin Jones

Year 12 Maori Performing Arts 1st equal – Maze Koro-Thompson

Year 12 Accounting Trophy – Peter Ninham

Year 12 History Shield  – Rhiannon Peni

Penn Trophy for Year 12 Spanish  – Aaliyah Pito

Year 12 Music Shield  – Linkin Ross

Virginia Hillgrove Cup for Year 12 Food & Nutrition  – Yui Tanaka

Year 12 Photography Certificate; Aotea Waka Trophy for Year 12 Maori  – Teesha Te Ua-Wright

Year 12 Maori Performing Arts 1st equal – Mya Timoti-Mareikura

Joan Eising Shield for Year 12 Digital Technologies  – Mackenzie Van der Lubbe

Cameron Cup for Year 12 Geography; Hickman Cup for Year 12 Mathematics; Year 12 Religious Studies Shield  – Jacob Wylie

Year 13 Prizes
Perry Trophy for Distinction in Year 13 Music  – Bowen Boswell

Whelan Trophy for Year 13 Music  – Liam Boswell

Cullinane College Young Farmer; Year 13 Technology Trophy – Matua Carston

Year 13 Biology Trophy  – Leah Christiansen

Year 13 Tourism Shield  – Bella Cowie

Year 13 Maori Trophy; He Taonga Trophy for year 13 Maori Performing Arts  – Reihania Hemi

Year 13 Sports Science Trophy – Te Mana Kaua

Trophy for the Most Improved and Dedicated Musician – Rangi Kui

Year 13 Printmaking Certificate; Year 13 Digital Technology Trophy; Year 13 Calculus Trophy; Year 13 Physics Trophy  – Hunter Kyle

Year 13 English Trophy; Scoullar Cup for Year 13 Geography; Year 13 History Certificate; Year 13 religious Studies Trophy  – Talitua Leo

Trophy for Consistency in the Workplace & Skill Based Learning  – Patrick O’Shaughnessy

Year 13 Chemistry Trophy  – Amelia Peni

Commitment to Dance Trophy  – Chloe Tonga-Harrison

Year 13 Photography Certificate – Gonzalo Valenzuela

Year 13 Accounting Trophy; Year 13 English Diligence Cup; Year 13 Statistics Trophy; Performing Arts Award Trophy for Song Writing and Composition  – Christie Wallace

Performing Arts Dance Trophy – Mereana Wanihi-Wallace

Year 11 Industry Awards
Moetahi Baron-McRitchie
Michael Chapman
Narissa Cook
Chris Dowdle
Korrie Fletcher
Amber Hammond-Mars
Maia Kaua
Aigalelei Leo
Abigail Ninham
Grace O’Shaughnessy
Ethan Partridge
Amorangi Rayner
Nathan Reu
Jordan Solomona
Kaila-Rose Stevens
Jaxon Taylor
Piripi Te Awa- Goodwin
Valentina Valenzuela

Year 12 Industry Awards
Aibel Antony
Elisa Bronnimann
Tama Casserley
Karina Chuen
Cameron Daignault
Neve Duxfield
Jacob Edmonds
Jessica Galias
Leif Henning
Mathew Hodges
Peter Ninham
Aaliyah Pito
Yui Tanaka
Maze Koro-Thompson
Jacob Wylie

Year 13 Industry Awards
Bowen Boswell
Liam Boswell
Leah Christiansen
Allan Gibson
Patrick Hunt
Te Mana Kaua
Hunter Kyle
Talitua Leo
Amelia Peni
Isabelle Schwartfeger
Christie Wallace

Service to O’Shea Shield
Cameron Daignault
Talitua Leo

Service to Student Council
Tomasi Connor

Kapa Haka Leavers
Reihania Hemi
Maraea Kingi-Tapa
Kiana Millar
Tumanako Sciascia
Christie Wallace

Service to Special Character
Liam Boswell
Te Mana Kaua

Scholarships, Academic, Special and Spirit of Cullinane Awards
Shannon-Renarta Jury Cup (Against the Odds- combination of medical and family situation that the students has battled with)  – Jhvanni Allen

Jane Devine Trophy Creativity & Flair  – Bowen Boswell

University of Otago Pacific People’s Entrance Scholarship  – Leah Christiansen

Mahoney/Mc Cashan Cup – Independent Study Skills, Year 12; Certificate for Debating; Student Representative Cup  – Cameron Daignault

Year 12 Diligence Trophy  – Jessica Galias

Year 13 Diligence Trophy  – Patrick Hunt

Tony Stevenson Memorial Cup (Notable Contribution to Community Service, years 12&13); Campbell Cup Senior Loyalty and Team Spirit (Years 12&13); Koorey Cup General Excellence (Conduct, Application & Sport) – Boys (Year 13); Geoff Lott Trophy Commitment to Special Character (Senior School); Alan Skilton Memorial Scholarship  – Te Mana Kaua

Te Ngakau O Te Awa Trophy for Outstanding Leadership in Kapa Haka  – Maraea Kingi-Tapa

Richard Hillgrove Memorial Shield (Attitude, Effort, Character & Commitment)  – Hunter Kyle

Monaghan/Hone Cup for Potential Leadership (Yr11); Cullinane College Senior Speech Cup; Mathas Cup for Oratory  – Aigalelei Leo

Koorey Cup General Excellence (Conduct, Application & Sport) – Girls (Year 13); Senior Debating Cup; Victoria University Totoweka School Leavers Scholarship  – Talitua Leo

Cullinane College Cup for International Student Excellence (NEW CUP) – Zhihao Liu

Cullinane College touchstone cup (Attitude and achievement in Learning Centre)  – Rebecca McMahon

UCOL Accomplishment Award – Lucas Reardon

The Prime Minister’s Vocational Excellence Award – Patrick O’Shaughnessy

Marton Parents Cup – Independent Study Attitude, Year 13  – Isabelle Schwartfeger

Hato Akutina Shield for Leadership in Kapa Haka & Tikanga Maori  – Tumanako Sciascia

Flair Trophy Self Improvement (Boys) Years 11&12  – Piripi Te Awa-Goodwin

The Jesse Wells Memorial Trophy – Gonzalo Valenzuela

Flair Trophy Self Improvement (Girls) Years 11&12  – Mackenzie Van der Lubbe

Kurt Wallace Memorial Cup Involvement and Effort (Year 12&13); Mary Hennigan Memorial Cup for Public Speaking; Pirihira Cribb Shield for Leadership in Kapa Haka & Marae; Victoria University Totoweka School Leavers Scholarship  – Christie Wallace

Academic Blues, Proxime and Dux
Academic Blues. To be eligible for an academic blue a student must have received an Academic Tie for Year 11. In NCEA Level Two they must have gained 80 credits including at least 10 excellence and 25 merit level or above. In addition to this at least 15 of these credits must be from external assessments. Alternatively, if they have gained an academic tie at Level One and 50 or more excellence credits at Level Two they are also eligible.

Our academic blues for 2019 are:
Liam Boswell
Leah Christiansen
Hunter Kyle
Talitua Leo
Amelia Peni
Christie Wallace

Proxime Accessit for 2019 
Talitua Leo

The Dux for 2019 
Christie Wallace