The Board is aware that there is a high demand for non preferences places in the school, so we encourage parents to enrol their son/daughter early to avoid disappointment.

Pre-Enrolment Procedure

The school has an enrolment process that all forms must be signed and received by the school office before an appointment is made for an interview with the Principal.

These interviews take place from the middle of Term Two or when application is received. Parents and prospective student attend an interview with the Principal, and following this meeting a letter will be sent to you accepting or declining the enrolment.

Parents/caregivers should complete the enrolment application form (also available from the school office). Please provide as much information as possible, and parents need to attach:

• a copy of their child’s most recent school report;

• either a copy of the child’s birth certificate (if born in NZ), or a copy of their passport and relevant visa/permit (if born outside NZ);

• Catholic Schools Board Form signed;

• Preference Certificate (if a catholic enrolment) must by signed by Parish Priest; and

• signed Enrolment Application Form. These documents should then be submitted to the school as soon as possible, to avoid being disappointed, or before the last day of Term Three for enrolments the following year.


Please make sure you have filled out the enrolment forms and enclosed all relevant information required. If you require more details or have any queries in relation to enrolment please contact the school.