On Wednesday 20th February 2019, Cullinane College will be holding their annual Athletics Day at Cooks Gardens from 8.30am – 3.10pm. Students will be dismissed from Cooks
Gardens at 3.10pm. Bus students will be released by Mr Udy in time to walk to
Wanganui City College.
All students are asked to assemble at Cooks Gardens in their House groups in the Main Grandstand for roll check at 8.30am. This is considered a school day and as such it is compulsory for all students to attend. Students are not permitted to leave the venue at any time throughout the day and regular roll checks will be taken.
All students are required to wear a sun hat and bring plenty of water. Students are not
permitted to leave the venue so please ensure they have an adequate lunch packed. Uniform is not required, and its encouraged that students express themselves through their house colours and active wear – no denim shorts. Face paint is also not permitted. Sun block will be available at the event.
Parents are welcome to attend this event. On the day, it is encouraged that students sign up for as many events as possible, as this can help gain points for their house. Those
students who do well will be selected for Viard Shield and Wanganui Secondary School Athletics.