On Friday 9th July, school will be finishing at 2pm after the end of term liturgy. The rural bus service will run at the usual time of 3.10pm. Friday is a regular school day and as such students are expected to attend school as usual.
At 1.40pm, Te Ngakau o Te Awa will be performing at Jubilee Stadium as part of the Manu Korero and Pae Rangatahi Competition. We are looking for well-presented students to attend this performance and perform a rousing school haka from the crowd after our group has performed. If you would like your child to be in attendance at this event, please respond to this email and we will allocate a seat for them on the bus to Jubilee Stadium. The bus will be departing Cullinane College at 12.30pm, with staff supervising the students at the event. Students attending this event, will be released for the term after the performance. As students will be representing the school, all codes of conduct and behaviour will apply.