Blessed Mother, Queen of Heaven, and Mother of Mercy. Names of a beautiful woman who, by saying ‘yes’, has made an incredible mark on our history and Faith. Te Ara a Maria, translating to Mary’s Way, is a recently created art piece acknowledging the celebration of the rededication of New Zealand to Our Lady of the Assumption. The artwork resonates with our New Zealand culture and origins through the numerous symbols of Maori culture. The imagery is laced with historical connections to the Catholic Church, from the dedication of the priests under Bishop Pompellier to the influence he had in the writing of the Tiriti O Te Waitangi, and the connection that Our Lady and her influence has on our proud heritage. 

Each student that has come through and seen the beautiful depiction of New Zealand culture truly felt this incredible illustration and the power and influence of Our Lady of the Assumption through our country’s pride. Reflecting the unity and joy of New Zealand is part of the pride of being a Cullinane student and we are all grateful to see this dazzling celebration of New Zealand’s Faith.
– Grace Harper, Year 11